Beds for Teenagers Ideas – Perfect for Active and Busy Teen

Teenagers have different characteristics from kids and adults. Their bedrooms can show their personalities. Therefore beds for teenagers should be designed to match with their characteristics and preference. There are many things that need to be considered when choosing teenage bedroom furniture for small rooms such as size, materials, color, and bed accessories. When teenagers have a bedroom with preferable style as their dream, a pleasant and fun place to hang out can be created. Some people even say that teenagers grow in bedroom. It means that this room has important roles to build the teens’ passions, feeling, mood, and even creativity. Below are some ideas to build that kind of room.

Beds for Teenagers Size and Style

Let’s start with the appropriate size of bed for teen. Teenagers like to gather with their best friends to share things and study. Sometimes, they even spend the night together. Thus a double bed is better except you have no adequate space. However, if there is limited space, single beds also called twin beds is okay. When some friends are coming over, a day bed is another alternative. It supports a single bed but looks like a couch, and the border gives just a bit more room for lying around, resting or sitting. Whatever the type of the bed is, you must consider the whole size of the room whether it is big or small.

There are various styles of teen bedding furniture. Some home beds come with full box frame and a foot board and others have just a headboard. The choice is actually based on the teens’ favorite. There are also many choices of materials such as wood and metal which comes in various natural finishes. If your teens don’t like plain frame, they can paint the frame with certain decor. This also helps them to be creative in creating their own decor. Romantic beds for teenagers with storage are usually desirable. They can use country style a curved brass bed frame. For those who like industry and technology, chrome or ancient metal beds will be pleasing.

Beds Color Scheme

Teenagers have different favorite colors and schemes. Some of them like dramatic or contrast colors, while the others prefer soft and neutral colors. There also some teenagers who like to change the colors of the beds. Their favorite colors can be applied for the bed itself, the coat, and bedspread. Commonly teen beds need some bed accessories. The accessories for beds for teenagers can be in the form of clip-on lamps, decorative throw pillows, and a bed tray.

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