Sleep Master Bifold Box Spring Folding Mattress Foundation

Sleep Master 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Set with Bi-Fold Boxspring, FullDo you experience having difficulty to move queen size mattress foundation from first to second floor? This trouble seems very disturbance because you cannot bring mattress foundation goes up to new floor. To solve this complicated case, you are able to rely on Sleep Master bifold box spring folding mattress foundation.

Before goes for in-depth explanation about this product, you might consider why this item is perfect for any bed frame. There are several sizes of bed frame such as queen, king, double, single, and twin bed. All of them are familiar to guide people when buy mattress or any tool relate to this matter.

Some manufacturer creates special foundation for mattress that matches any bed frame, so customers do not have to buy complete set. This model becomes one of top product that make customer buy separately foundation and bed frame. You can put any mattress based on standard size while keeping old bed frame at place.Sleep Master 10-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress Set with Bi-Fold Boxspring, FullSleep Master bifold box spring folding mattress foundation is very easy to install on bed frame because customer does not need to do complex assembling. The box of item comes in thin and lightweight, so you might not realize this thing contains big queen size mattress foundation. Manufacturer stated that this kind of wrapping would save cost in shipping to customer house.

After receiving package from postal service, you can open box them take put mattress foundation. As it mentioned above, customer just slide and unfold this product then put on bed frame. There is no assembly using special tool because this thing is kind of portable shape with easy to move and store.

Seller offers several sizes according to common bed size. Therefore, customer can pick one model that suitable with his or her bed frame. Queen or king size of bed foundation is very big that make people hesitate to buy because takes effort to bring home. However, you can get rid that thinking after deciding to buy Sleep Master bi-fold box spring folding mattress foundation.Sleep Master 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Set with Bi-Fold Boxspring, FullManufacturer uses gauge steel to make Sleep Master folding bed foundation which is similar with traditional mattress foundation. It is very flexible because people can put on any bedroom concept. It still maintains bed frame excellent figure while handle mattress from top.

Another benefit is suitable for any mattress material. Memory foam and down feather are very delicate material for mattress with softer linen to cover top of them. Box spring has to be sturdy and firm that can withstand any pressure on sleeping.

In addition, this product will keep mattress on normal size regardless your sleeping position. Moreover, it does not hold air circulation on mattress surface, so you will sleep in balance temperature. This benefit comes from combination between mattress and its foundation.

Sleep Master bifold box spring folding mattress foundation has high durability and longevity. Manufacturer gives five years warranty to assure customer that this item is very excellent. Therefore, you will enjoy the design and effect of this product after placing on bedroom immediately.Sleep Master 10-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress Set with Bi-Fold Boxspring, Full

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