Bed Tents for Twin Beds to Save Space

Pacific Play Tents Kids Cottage Bed Tent PlayhouseThe bed tents for twin beds are great space savers for houses which have two or more children sharing a bedroom. They allow each kid to have his or her own private space by having his or her own bed. These days, the beds have gone beyond the conventional stacked bed design. The kids bed tents are an offshoot of the original, just this time; the bunk can be installed with a canopy to attach it. The canopy works like a tent to alter the lower bunk to be a play pen or a camping area. It is great for spaces that combine the child’s sleeping area with his play area.Playhut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bed Tent Playhouse

Bed Tents for Twin Beds Feature

Just like the conventional bunk beds, the bed tents for bunk beds also come with guardrails and a ladder and are made from hardwood to make sure stability and durability. There are two basic types of these bed tents: the single bunk and double bunk. The single tent bunk beds will be much like a loft bed in that just the upper level is used as the sleeping area. The lower level is a play area around that the canopy is installed. These cottage bed tents are a good choice for your children who have a lot of friends who frequently come over for sleepovers.Playhut Spiderman Bed Tent

With this toddler over the bed tents, the kid still gets his space and the other kids will have a fun area in which they can sleep and play. On the other hand, the double tent bunks are available in canopies for both the lower and the upper bunk. This is an ideal selection for siblings who want to have their own private space even at what time they have to share a room. The best advantageous of bed tents for twin beds is that they present a greater feeling of privacy and security for your children.Pacific Play Tents Kids Secret Castle Bed Tent Playhouse

Proper Kids Play Tents Model

When opting for kids canopy tent bed, you need to always take into account the models that have been tested and certified for quality and safety. It is also essential that the bunk beds can support an adult’s full weight without wiggling. This is a good way to check the strength of the design. Another benefit of bed tents for twin beds is that they result in less distraction, particularly for afternoon naps, the exciting world around often distracts your kid and prevents him from sleeping.
Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide
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