Impressive Design of Blanco Granite Sinks

Blanco 440194 Single 9-1/2” Bowl Depth Undermount, AnthraciteAs it goes with most German manufacturers, Blanco takes German Efficiency principle seriously. The Blanco granite sinks are one of the best products by this company that is not only having good design, but also practical functionality as well.

This product is recommended for those who want to clean your dishes after dinner without making mess on your sink. As the name of this product suggest, it is suitable for kitchen counter top that incorporates granite surface.

Due to high request from its loyal customer, the design of Blanco sinks is also compatible for regular kitchen counter top with wood surface. It comes with different color to make it match kitchen counter top perfectly.Blanco 441590 Diamond 1.75 Low Divide Under Mount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, Large, AnthraciteBefore we talk more about the feature of Blanco kitchen sinks, it is important to note that the product comes in two different designs that you can choose according to your need. Besides comes in single chamber, the manufacturer also provides sinks with double chambers.

The chamber designed used for this version consists of chamber with slightly smaller size than the other one. Granite sink manufactured by Blanco that only has single chamber allows you to wash plenty of dishes at the same time.Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink, AnthraciteThe bottom part of this sink is slightly tilted in such a way that water can flow directly to the drainage hole. The drainage hole itself features lid that can be opened to make the water inside it drains quickly.

Meanwhile, the Blanco granite sinks with double chamber has other feature that you cannot find in the first model. Both chambers are separated with low separator that allows water to flow when one of the chambers is filling up with water. This feature prevents water to flood your kitchen when you accidentally forget to close the faucet.Blanco 440218 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink, Cafe BrownThe faucet on both models incorporates high pipe design with curve down as it goes to the end. This feature is used, so you can pile up your dirty dishes without being disturbed with the existence of faucet. The faucet incorporated in the sink with double chamber features a flexible arm that allows you to redirect water flow to designated chamber easily.

Some of you might wonder why you need two chambers for a kitchen sink. The sink manufactured by Blanco with double chambers design is used to clean the dirty dishes in bigger chamber and wash it in smaller chamber. You can see how Blanco granite sinks apply German efficiency on this model.Blanco BL440148 Precis Super Single Bowl, Metallic Gray

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