Classic Brands Low Profile Foundation Box Spring

Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant Foundation Low Profile Foundation or Box Spring Replacement, KingGood mattress will be changed in size and shape after it is used for long time because too much pressure on one side expands imbalance surface. To prevent this matter, you can use Classic Brands low profile foundation box spring with four-inch height. Shape and size are suitable for any kind of mattress, so do not worry about its compatibility.

Usually, bed will have its own foundation to lay mattress on it and maintain the size for long time. Even though you are sleeping in side position, mattress shape will go back again because foundation holds that side to extent more. On contrary, normal position in sleeping gives balance pressure but still affect to mattress shape.Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant Foundation Low Profile Foundation or Box Spring Replacement, Cal King

This product is standalone foundation for mattress, so you do not have to worry about assembling process. Box for this item is small and can pass door or tight staircase at home, even narrow hallway is no longer problem. Weight is not too heavy because the material is firm but light just to lift it up to second or third floor at home.

Low profile box spring main function is to prevent sagging or expanding of mattress after heavy use at night. It fits with different kind of mattress such as memory foam, down feather, synthetic material, etc. It has smooth cover, so that the mattress does not contact directly to hard side of this product.Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant Foundation Low Profile Foundation or Box Spring Replacement, Twin

Manufacturer of this item has been on the business for long time. Therefore, this product comes from high quality material. People want foundation that can match with any bed frame and this product is good option for them. It saves their money and time to buy new bed frame only to get mattress foundation.

On box of Classic Brands low profile box spring, you will get all tools for assembling process. After you get this one at home, take out all of parts from inside then put on floor to see any missing part. Seller provides warranty to this product about two years, so make sure you get the right product to defective.

Assembling does not take too long because all of instruction are clear with picture and understandable language. Customer has to pay attention when using screwdriver to install this item because some people might not familiar with that kind of tool. It would be wise to ask friend or experienced owner of Classic Brands low profile foundation box spring to do the assembling.Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation Regular Profile Foundation or Box Spring Replacement, Queen

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