How to Accessorize Your Room by Corner Fireplace Mantels Ideas

Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace - Classic EspressoPlanning on having a corner mantel fireplace for your living room? Congratulation, you just need to add a spice in the room! Here are some corner fireplace mantels ideas to help you beautify the spot.

Corner fireplace usually comes with triangle shaped mantel that makes it a little difficult to accessorize. There are some ways to camouflage the stiffness. You can use a huge mirror, put TV on the top, or mount shelf above it.

The first tip for corner fireplace design ideas is using a huge mirror. A mirror is a great way to escape from corner stiffness. It tricks the eye and hides the wide gaping space behind it.Real Flame Chateau White Mantel Corner Gel FireplaceChoose a mirror that may cover all parts of the corner but leave the space for other art displays. This way, you will avoid the monotonous or dull effect resulted from the stand alone plain mirror. You can put vases with flowers or some small framed photos in front of the mirror.

If you opt for full mirror accessories, you should opt for ornamented mirror instead of the plain one. You may choose the abstract, flower, vintage, even photo printed mirror. The printing can be in the form of frame or act as center ornament.

You have to make sure that the ornament is not too overworked. Choose one that enhances and work harmoniously with the rest of the room, not one that destroys the view. For ornamented mirror, you don’t need to put anything in the front to avoid overcrowded view.ClassicFlame 33WM881-C232 Lexington Wall Fireplace Mantel, Empire Cherry (Electric Fireplace sold separately)Second tip for corner fireplace mantels ideas is to use the top of the fire place as TV stand. The flat TV screen will hide the wide space behind it by tricking the eyes. Don’t forget to cover the top of the fireplace using table cloth or ornamented cloth first for more accessories.

Here is a little suggestion. If you choose flat TV to be put on top of the fireplace, make sure to work with the cables. You may think the visitors cannot see the cable. In fact, they do. Therefore, do your best to cover them up.

The last option for corner fireplace mantels ideas is to mount a shelf above it. The shelf can be used to put medals, family photos, or placard the owner has. You can make side-to-side shelf or build one that has triangle shape to cover all the area.Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace - CherryElectric Fireplace TV Stand From Solid Wood With Cable Box And Fireplace Mantel With Remote Control plus FREE GIFT (Oak)

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