Floating Wall Shelving Ideas as the Functional Wall Decoration for Any Room

Shelving Solution Set of 3 Floating U Shelves (White)Floating shelves are great place to store things as well as decorate the plain wall you have in your living room. The idea of shelves floating on the wall is not a new term in design, but it never loses its enthusiasts due to the versatility and functionality.

Floating wall shelving ideas combine functionality and simplicity. They are a good alternative for storing as well as displaying variety of things without taking up any valuable floor space. Floating shelves are suitable for any existing decor.

The draughty light lenient appearance of floating shelves makes them suitable for any room with any style. You can put floating shelves literally anywhere.Kiera Grace Maine Wall Shelf/Floating Ledge, 24 Inch - BlackModern design of floating shelves gives you a wide range of colors and styles. Therefore, you will find one that suits the room the most and fulfill all your preferences. A floating shelve, when mounted perfectly, is able to hold placards, medals, trophies, even books all at once.

Some manufacturers sell the floating shelves separately or in a set. For best floating shelves placement ideas, choose one that comes in a set. You won’t need extra time to make them work together in a room.

Having floating shelves on your wall gives you many advantages. They are elegant, simple, and mostly not as expensive as regular shelves. It is a good choice if you want to cut the budget without sacrificing the usage.Kiera Grace Madison Contoured Wall Ledges, 12 Inch, 16 Inch, 24 Inch, White, Set of 3There are endless styles and designs of floating shelves. Modern style floating wall is characterized with its minimalist and sleek design. For those who like classic floating wall shelving ideas, choose one that is made from reclaimed wood or rustic wood.

Have you decided your floating wall shelves? Good! Now, think about the color your shelves should have.

When your shelves have the same color as the room wall, you will have perception or illusion that stuffs you put on it float in the air. It seems like there is nothing visible supporting the stuffs. For more attractive appearance, you should follow this idea.

If you opt for bright colors for floating shelves decoration, choose one that doesn’t work in opposite direction with your wall color. For minimalist room style, choose black or white as those two colors are the most used ones.Topeakmart Wall Mounted Floating Media Storage Cabinet Hanging Desk Hutch 2 Door & Compartment Home Office Furniture ( Black )Another idea is to choose minimalist style if you want the items you put on to stand out. For example, go with nude or earthy tone colors of floating shelves for supporting Chinese vases, or pretty bottles.

It is advisable for you to use floating shelves for lighter items although some of them are made to support more than just one or two light vases. Speak to the salesperson to help you out or ask for experts’ help.

You can find a lot of options of floating wall shelving ideas in Amazon. The Umbra Conceal book shelf is one of great choices for floating wall shelves. Available in small and large size, this floating shelve is also suitable to put medals, pretty bottles, or placards.SHELVING SOLUTION Corner Wall Shelf (White)

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