Franke Granite Sinks Grant Yourself with Effortless Sink Cleaning

Franke SGR3322-1 Large Single Bowl Sink Granite 9-Inch Deep, GraphiteAre you currently looking for a new kitchen sink? If you that type of person who doesn’t have enough time cleaning your sink in your rapid and busy life, consider granite as your choice.

Franke granite sinks offer all of the items that you want. The tight-construction material of granite brings a cutting edge style for your kitchen. Moreover, with the high density of its particle, the granite sinks withstand even the roughest scratches.

Some experts suggest getting you a granite sink since it is the most durable one. However, does granite sinks really suit you?Granite sink is the best sink material there is on the market. It is easy to handle, resistant toward scratches, heat, and chips, and super durable.Franke EOOX33229-1 Double Offset Granite 9-Inch Deep, OnyxLet’s compare granite sinks with typical, non-granite sinks. During its life, a typical sink needs more than 68 gallons of drain cleaner, 132 lbs. of steel wool, and more importantly, billions of germs.

With all those reasons, it is a good choice to invest on buying Franke granite sinks. Frankie sinks are up to 80% quarts and less than 20% acrylic resin. This composition makes the most durable granite composite in the market currently.The acrylic used by the manufacturer is high quality acrylic that bounds perfectly with the other material. Hence, the sink is incredibly strong and firm. Moreover, Franke claims that their granite products don’t need chemical cleaners for cleaning purposes.Franke EDDB33229-1 Double Bowl Sink Granite 9-Inch Deep, MochaFranke also claims that its granite sinks are built with high sanitation technology. There are three advantages that it offers for each of the product.

Firstly, Franke composite granite sink are free from bacterial growth. For your information, bacteria doubled themselves in every 20 minutes. It creates bigger risk for you and your family to get infections or disease.The granite treatment of Franke is built with unique technology that maximizes the reduction of the bacteria. It means, less time to clean up and your family’s health is assured.Franke EDOX33229-1 Double Bowl Sink Granite 9-Inch Deep, OnyxAnother advantage of purchasing granite sinks from Franke is it resists splinters, stains, and heat up to 536 degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, Franke granite sinks reach the highest score in terms of longevity. Franke sinks are made of high quality quartz. The sand is burned with the color particles at 1112 degree Fahrenheit which ensures even coloring and long lasting.

Granite sinks are definitely elegant as well as bring the natural look into the kitchen. Franke does its best in the process of making the subtle shine and warm feeling to the touch. Unlike other granite sinks, granite sinks from Franke are finely textured which leaves no pores.

The non-porous surface makes it possible to guarantee the health of your family in a long time. It ensures high standard of hygiene which leaves no bacteria after every use. Franke’s high quality granite sinks give you a lifetime of beauty.

Franke granite sinks only require a little maintenance. You can wash it daily with nylon brush and soap in circular motion. It helps to prevent stains. Dry immediately with dishcloth. Say no to chemical cleaners or abrasive powders!Franke ESDB25229-1 Single Bowl Sink Granite 9-Inch Deep, Mocha

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