Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Legendary and Everlasting

Better Homes and Gardens 03420-35M Langston Chest, 6 Drawer, MahoganyThe classic furniture of the past is back with a blast. As one of many unique antiques, mahogany chest of drawers has been used since the 18th century. You will find that the classic chest of drawers still has its place among the collectors and casual family.

In the past, the legendary mahogany chest of drawers was known as ‘lowboy.’ This lowboy was once a small dresser consists of many drawers stacked in various ways. Lowboy was rather well-known among many citizens of Europe and United State, and it was rather common among the nobles.South Shore Noble Collection 5-Drawer Chest, Dark Mahogany

However, it was known that the first sight of lowboy was spotted during the 17th century in England, made from oak wood. This kind of lowboy was later known as the Furniture Treasury, dated before 1649. As time flies, the usage of lowboy became even more frequent among local citizen.

This marks the birth of chest of drawers. The old lowboy with only two to four drawers was then enlarged into a more practical dresser with six to ten drawers. Over the years, people had found the true taste of natural wood, and made plenty of mahogany chests of drawers.100% Solid Wood 4-Super Jumbo Drawer Chest by Palace Imports, Mahogany Color, 32”W x 48.5”H x 17”D. Metal Antique Brass Knobs Sold Separately. Requires Assembly

Since then, the customization of the chest of drawers became more frequent. There’s a Mule Chest, one that is wider than the usual chest of drawers with the drawers in the base and the top. This customization was really a blast in England and colonial America for over 100 years.

As the innovation and technology continue to grow, many creative ideas have changed the old and unique chest of drawers. During the beginning of modernization, the classic chest of drawers was customized into a contemporary form, introduced in 1991. This means the customization was indeed one-of-a-kind, and it was meant to be enjoyed for its uniqueness, rather than its practical values.South Shore Vintage 6-Drawer Double Dresser, Dark Mahogany

Such contemporary chest of drawers was then improvised into your daily house ware. As more and more ideas begin to grow, many different shapes and materials are turned into some totally different chest of drawers. However, the true value of the old and unique chest of drawers remains firm and valuable among the society.

Because of that, many people believe that the old mahogany chest of drawers is very old and expensive furniture for the room decoration. However, by overlooking such facts, you can find many valuable chests of drawers or even inherit such valuable heritage to preserve the natural beauty of the old era.Oriental Furniture 46" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers on Wheels - Mahogany

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