Very Simple Guidance in Repurposing Old Picture Frame Ideas

Gift Garden 4 by 6 -Inch Antique Picture Frame with Metal Retro Entwined Edging for Photo Display 4x6You don’t always need to buy new items since you can make it by yourself. It is time to play with old items in your house. Let your creativity flow and create something new with something old. Follow these old picture frame ideas below and see the magical change on it.

You will need unused picture frame, sandpaper, paint, brush, and varnish. Plus, you have to prepare additional accessories to change it to something new.

First thing you are able to make is wall flowers.

You can completely change the nuance of your room by applying very simple and applicable ideas. Wall flowers are completely make your room looking fresh and fair. It can be done by combining vases of flower with old picture frame.

Rub the surface of frame with sandpaper. This step is purposed to remove the dust and dirt from it. It also opens the pore, so the paint will completely absorb. Thing to remember is that you should do this action gently in order to prevent from any destruction.

It is better for you to use more than one frame and create a college from unique frames. The old picture frame ideas continue with giving the paint or varnish over the frame surface. It is up to you whether you are going to use paint or varnish.Gift Garden 5 by 7 Vintage Picture Frames Friends Gifts For Photo 5x7 InchPaints are available in many colors that give you thousands of options. At the same time, varnish gives you glossy and classic outlook. Choose the coating technique based on your desirability.

Don’t put the frames under direct sunshine because it will crack the coat. Let them dry naturally in room temperature. Next, put your most favorite flowers inside the vases full of water. Hang them into the upper part of the frame with stainless steel wires.

You need to consider the strength of the frames before hanging the vases. You are able to trick it by choosing light vases and flowers. Do the same things for different shape of frames. Put them on the wall in collage pattern and see the significant difference on your wall.

The second of two old picture frame ideas is making stuff cabinet.

Rustic Fishing Lure Barnwood Picture Frame 4" X 6" PhotoThis item not only will keep your stuffs in order way, but also makes your room more outstanding. In this project, you will need thick picture frame, so you can enter your stuffs inside it.

First thing to do is applying sandpaper to make the surface smoother. Apply calm paint on it because in the future, there will be couple of stuffs there. These stuffs will automatically give special color, so you need calm color to prevent from too-much outlook.

Give certain segments inside the frame with strong material. You can choose stainless steel plate to ensure the strength. Pin it with the screws to end the process. Now, this cabinet will help you to save your stuff. Don’t wait any longer, try these old picture frame ideas and amaze your guests.Adeco Decorative Old China Themed Black Wood Round Circular Circle Wall Hanging Prints Artwork Picture Photo Collage Frame, 9 Divided Openings 4x6"

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