Garden Decorating Idea: Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

Ankway Solar Bird bath Fountain Pump for Garden and Patio, Free Standing 1.4W Solar Panel Kit Water Pump, Outdoor Watering Submersible Pump (Birdbath & Stand Not Included)If you are looking for garden decorating idea that is not involving mainstream gnomes or statues, you can use bird bath fountain. The solar powered bird bath fountain is an efficient product with high rate of electricity conservation. It is not only able to invite birds to come in your fountain, but also reducing electricity bills used for the pump at the same time.

As it goes with most bird bath fountain, this next level fountain consists of three essential parts. Besides fountain bowl that collect the water and pipe to channel the water, it also has water pump to propel the water supply. The pump used on fountain is powered by electricity. If you do not want the fountain use your electricity continuously, you can add solar panel to the fountain.

Before talking about where to put solar panel on best solar birdbath fountain, let us understand the function of each part on this fountain. Fountain bowl is the biggest part of fountain that is supported by strong and steady pedestal. It is the most essential part since the birds can drink and take a bath from the water collected in it.Solar Powered Panel Kit Water Pump for Garden Pond Fountain Pool,Bird Bath Foutain Pump,Outer Watering Submersible PumpThe pedestal used to support fountain bowl is also disguising the pipe channel inside it. The pipe consists of two channels that supply water up to the fountain and directing water flow down to the reservoir. The hidden water reservoir is the place where you need to install water pump.

When you install the water pump inside water reservoir, you need to keep it submerged so it is able to absorb the water supply. Therefore, it is important to maintain water level on the reservoir above the water pump. The pump used on solar powered bird bath fountain is powered by electricity generated by solar panel.Smart Solar 20622R01 Country Gardens Solar Birdbath Fountain, Gray Weathered Stone Finish, Designed For Low Maintenance and Requires No Wiring or Operating CostsOnce each part of bird bath fountain is installed properly, you can expect bird to come over to drink or take a bath on your fountain. After understanding all of those parts, it is time to figure out where to put solar panel on the fountain layout.

In the middle of fountain bowl, there is usually a pipe sticking up as water spread out from its end. You can put solar panel around the submerged under the water level on fountain bowl. The solar panel used on solar powered bird bath fountain is commonly water resistant so you do not have to be worried that it will be damaged easily.Smart Solar 20221R01 Argus Peacock Glass Solar Birdbath With Patented Underwater Integral Solar Panel and Pump System

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