Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets as Classic Storage Furniture

Badger Basket August Four Storage Unit, Tall EspressoWhen it comes for practical and elegant solution of storage system for classic home interior, storage unit with wicker baskets manufactured by Badger Basket is definitely the right option. As classic storage furniture, it is surprisingly able to accommodate plenty of stuff inside it. The manufacturer provides two color options including cherry and espresso to meet with the customer needs for elegant storage furniture.

Combination of design and dimension of this storage furniture allows this product to fit in nicely into your bedroom, hallway, family room, and other parts of your home. The Badger Basket storage furniture is not only incorporating elegant design, but also easy to clean up. All you need to do is wipe it with wet cloth.Badger Basket Five Basket Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets, CherryThe basket storage furniture manufactured by Badger Basket consists of wooden furniture frame and the wicker baskets. It is made of natural wood material that is designed to be sturdy and able to accommodate the weight contained on the wicker baskets.

The best thing to mention about this wooden storage frame is its elegant design that exposes natural grainy texture. This design is not only adding elegant touch for the entire storage furniture design, but also gives classic impression at the same time. Despite its compact design, the wooden structure is able to accommodate up to five wicker baskets.Badger Basket August Seven Storage Unit, Wide EspressoIn order to accommodate your stuff, the baskets for the storage unit with wicker baskets consist of two different sizes. Two wicker baskets with bigger size are located on the bottom section of the wooden storage unit. Meanwhile, three of wicker baskets with smaller size can be found on the top section above the bigger wicker basket.

As it goes with the wooden frame structure, the wicker baskets for this Badger Basket storage unit is also easy to clean up. All you need to do is wipe the wicker baskets with wet cloth and dry it with clean cloth afterwards. Since it consists of five compartment wicker baskets, you can store your stuff inside it in organized way.Badger Basket Five Basket Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets, EspressoThe best feature on wooden frame construction of storage unit with wicker baskets is the tabletop feature. The top part of this storage unit manufactured by Badger Basket can be used to display ornaments to decorate the interior and complement classic design of the storage. Meanwhile, the wicker baskets and wooden frame construction is integrated in certain ways that allows you to access stuff in the baskets easily.

Material used for wicker baskets is using durable material that is able to accommodate the weight of the stuff you store in it. Additionally, the baskets feature thin linen underneath it to ensure that small stuff you put in it does not slip off between the wickers. Moreover, the basket features handle that allows you to pull baskets from storage unit with wicker baskets easier to access your stored stuff.Badger Basket Five Basket Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets, Espresso by Badger Basket

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