Suncast Pool Towel Storage Ideas

Suncast Elements Outdoor 40-Inch Wide CabinetIf you are looking for any pool towel storage ideas, you can opt for high quality storage manufactured by Suncast. This manufacturer is famous due to its furniture product that uses distinctive dark brown color, wicker design, and durable material. Since this product has unique design, you can place it in your backyard, patio, balcony, or near the swimming pool.

The storage unit offered by this leading furniture manufacturer is not only serves as container to store your pool towel or garden tools, but also beautiful outdoor decoration. You can manage plenty of stuffs on this storage since it has spacious storage room. Moreover, it also has plenty of useful features and interesting specification.

The durable materials used in the pool towel storage ideas are including double layers of wall resin that is covered by protective coatings. These protective layers are not only protecting the storage as outdoor furniture from extreme weather condition, but also from rust and dent. Protective layers are important since extreme weather conditions might potentially make construction of outdoor furniture fragile.Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash HideawayThis dimension allows you to store plenty of pool equipment inside it and place it in narrow space close to your swimming pool. As one of the best furniture manufacturer, Suncast consider the practical and functional aspects of this outdoor storage furniture.

Suncast provides the best pool towel storage ideas in form of outdoor cabinet furniture with decorative wicker pattern. This pattern is not only enhancing the distinctive design of the outdoor storage cabinet, but also comes with five years of limited warranty. Due to its signature color and pattern, all furniture manufactured by Suncast, including this outdoor storage cabinet only comes in brown color.

This outdoor storage cabinet uses slightly curvy design that allows it to fit perfectly in your outdoor property. Besides manufacturing outdoor storage, the company also produces plenty of outdoor furniture such as aqua winder, club chair with storage, and outdoor cushion sets.Suncast SS900 Storage Box

The most interesting feature to mention in the outdoor pool towel rack manufactured by this furniture company is the adjustable shelf. Adjustable shelf incorporated in the storage allows you to have sufficient storage space for bigger stuff. Moreover, it also helps you to get easy access to your stuff since you can maintain the stuff inside its cabinet organized.

Other interesting feature on this outdoor storage cabinet is the functional hinges that allow you to open the cabinet door widely open easier. The storage cabinet door also features handle on the center of both doors that make it easily accessed. Meanwhile, each bottom corner is using small rubber layer that prevent this outdoor furniture from scratching your floor.

Suncast will not let you run out of pool towel storage ideas since you can use this outdoor storage furniture to help you store pool towels and garden equipment neatly. The company sweetens the deal with free shipment features as well.Suncast Elements Outdoor 40-Inch Wide Cabinet

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