Antique Bedroom Dresser Guidelines for Novice

Sauder Harbor View Dresser Antiqued, WhiteMany people wish to have a classy aura surrounding their bedroom, and so do you. Having a wonderful piece of furniture will bring more comfort to the bedroom, as you change clothes and walk your way to the bed. True to its nature, antique bedroom dresser is the perfect piece of furniture your bedroom will need for a long time.

The search for high-quality antique chest of drawers with mirror will take a while, but the fun has just begun. With plenty of different types and styles to choose, you can find the best dresser that suits your room and your taste. There are several styles to choose, but only the top 3 stand out from the rest.

1. Victorian

Antique Victorian Mahogany Bow Front Chest of DrawersThis dresser may be considered as one of the icons of antique dresser. With eccentric carvings and wonderful upholstery everywhere, Victorian dresser is definitely a best-quality dresser type. This dresser can be made of various types of wood, and it will satisfy your hunger for every beautiful detail engraved on this dresser.

2. Chippendale

c1949 6Ft Antique Solid Mahogany Chippendale 6 Drawer Chest DresserThomas Chippendale was the creator of this wonderful antique dressers with mirrors. Chippendale is a bigger dresser compared to the others, and it is designed for more customization. Other than featuring carvings, two sets of drawer, and the detailed curvy legs with ball-in-claw, Chippendale dresser has its own unique style to top the classiness.

3. Art Deco

Pulaski Iona Accent Chest Marquis, 36 by 14 by 32-Inch, SilverCompared to the others, Art Deco is a newer dresser style that appeared in the 1920s. Because of its new age, the sign of modernity can be seen from its geometric shapes and the bold materials that rarely use wood. The bold design of Art Deco is further supported with the geometric handles, metallic ornament, and sometimes painted wood.

Before internet was born, getting antique bedroom dresser was quiet a hustle. In the past, there were many antique stores that sold this kind of dresser. Many people also took advantage of estate sells to find the best dresser with cheap price, often with bonuses.

Such worries are no longer a matter, thanks to the advanced technology. Through yellow pages, you can find many antique stores that might sell the item you need. Of course, the usage of internet connection can also be used to gather information not limited to the information of the local antique stores.

Many people have posted auctions and estate sales online, and all you need to do is to visit the website or the places in physic. Sometimes, the price you get from the web store might be overpriced, but that should be expected from the internet. Even with the convenience of the internet, it is recommended to choose the perfect dresser and see the item in real life in order to gain the most detailed information about the dresser of your choice and the negotiable price you can pay.

All in all, getting this the perfect antique bedroom dresser is easier than before. With more demands for it, the bedroom of yours is waiting to be filled with such antique furniture, before it’s all too late.Carved Wood Five Drawer Bombay What Not

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