Basement Window Curtains Ideas for Better and Stylish View

Lorraine Home Fashions Jackson 58-inch x 24-inch Tier Curtain PairLooking for basement window curtains is not an easy task. It is because basement windows regularly pretense decorating dispute since they are inclined to be small and set in discomfited spot. They are generally positioned near the top of the basement wall, which is just higher than floor. As a result, the basement looks gloomier than other spaces of the home. When choice artistically window blinds for your basement, you need to consider several things. First of all, you need to know your basement well in order to find the best solution. Regarding the choice of curtains, you need to find the one which can fit well not only to the window but also to the entire room.Sound Asleep Room-Darkening Noise-Reducing Backtab Window Valance

Space Measurement

First, measure the floor length. It is important because basement window blinds with floor length can make the space wider. If you just apply short curtains, your basement area will look smaller, and even awkward. Of course you don’t want your basement look like that, right? Basement windows are approximately always small and four-sided figure in shape. Choose long, floor-length curtains on the windows; extend them to generate a look that is visually lovely. Add the basement window covering 3 inches longer so it can cover the top part of the windows.Eclipse Canova 42-Inch by 21-Inch Thermaback Blackout Scallop Valance

Basement Window Curtains Color Selections

Next, consider the colors of the window shades for basement. The idea is using a curtain with a sheer. Light fabric or bright colors helps to improve the lighting in the area. They let the natural sunshine comes in. Besides, basement window shades in a sheer put in a fanciful and open look to a moist and gloomy basement. A sheer or pasty float curtain is the best idea for any basement and windows’ design as well. In case you prefer other colors, you can choose blue lavender, sunny yellow or soft pink. Plain curtain is commonly used, but it is nothing wrong with using simple motif and texture for the fabrics.Patterned Window Valance

Optional Damask

Make some excitement in your basement by employing vigorous, damask-patterned basement window shutters. Conventional damask prototype is white and black. But, the use of damask is based on the whole look of the basement and windows. You can use a glowing plum or vintage blue damask prototype. As damask prototype always includes black as the base so you need to keep the other color as bright as you can. The objective is to fill optimum lighting through the damask-patterned basement window curtains.Lorraine Home Fashions Facets Room Darkening Blackout Tier Curtain Pair

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