Best Tile for Bathroom Types

Tile has been a well-liked preference for bathroom flooring for many years. Tile is a perfect option for moisture-prone spaces and high-traffic as in bathrooms because it is sturdy, resistant to water, and easy to keep up. Since tile is the most important element in a bathroom, you must choose the best tile for bathroom. The problem is many homeowners especially the new ones often get weighed down when enterprising a bathroom redecoration or redesign. There are some types of best bath tile that can you take into consideration when building your bathroom such as vinyl tile, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, and natural stone. This can aid you to get the suitable tile for your bathroom design so a pretty look can be achieved.


Let’s start with vinyl tile for the most widespread best bathroom tile. It has been commonly used in bathrooms for more than a century. However, the growth in technology and knowledge has made vinyl tile a straightforward, reasonably priced, and waterproof option. This best bathroom flooring is very easy and simple to lay this best bathroom flooring because it features self-adhesive backs.

Ceramic is can be the best tile for bathroom. This type of tile is inexpensive and sturdy, too. It is water-resistant and you can clean it easily. With a variety of designs and colors, you won’t lack ideas to redecorate your bathroom. This best bathroom ceramic tile is made of fired clay to make it durable and not easy to break. Porcelain is almost the same as ceramic. It is also one of the best and well-liked tiles for bathroom floors. It is similar to ceramic in a way that it is also made of clay. The difference between those two tiles is that the clay in the porcelain is fired at higher temperature. It means that porcelain is tremendously durable and impermeable to water and dirt. For a mildew-resistant, you can go for glass tile. Recently, this type of tile has an increasing popularity.

Natural Stone

As an alternative of tile, natural stone is valuable. It can be the best tile for bathroom, too. Natural stone includes marble, granite, and slate tile. However this bathroom flooring is more expensive than the other common tiles reviewed below. It is because natural stone gives an extremely graceful finish to the floor of the bathroom. So its value is mostly in its elegant design.

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