Tips for Cleaning Granite Sinks

Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer with ioSeal ProtectantsHaving granite sink at home needs more attention when you want to clean and make it shining again. In cleaning granite sinks, several tips can be applied. General tips are for common situation, which means they are not recommended for unusual case.

To clean the sink, you need several tools and material. There are gloves, dry towel, soft sponge, soap, and brush. A glove is essential to prevent your hand from contamination. In fact, sink might have something dangerous for your health.

Dry towel and soft sponge are available at local store. The soap for granite is slightly similar to floor and it can be found easily in near store as well. Moreover, the brush should be softer and smoother to prevent the scratching on sink surface.Blanco Clean - Colored Sink and Surface Cleaner

For cleaning granite sinks, you need to wash away the solid object on surface using water. Check again every spot of granite sink that could hold irregular object in solid form. After that, let granite sink dry naturally.

Pour water on sink and let it wet, then keep it at minimum level. Apply soap and spread it evenly to every section of granite sink. Use soft brush to clean the sink’s surface slowly.

You will get stain that glue on surface because this sink is not completely flat. There is possibility for tiny stains that cannot pass into main hole. Pay attention to this part and brush it carefully.Hope's Perfect Stainless Steel Polish 22-Ounce, Perfect Granite Cleaner 22-Ounce, & Perfect Sink - 8.5 oz Sink Cleaner and Polish

After you have solved problems with granite sinks, use water to rinse soap and stain. Make sure the holes to pass these things are open. Pick towel and dry the sink surface.

Commonly, granite has sealant as protector to keep the natural stone. You need to keep this part in good condition and gently rub it when using brushing. If you see the certain part of sealant is broken, it will be wise to repair it quickly.

Cleaning granite sinks might not enough once because the small portion of stain is still on surface. To solve this problem, you can do two methods. You can also do the same action as previous procedure or using special paste to absorb these stains.Hope's Perfect Sink - 8.5 oz Sink Cleaner and Polish

If the stain looks similar, you only need to do the same procedure to get rid of it completely. These stains might still on granite sink because of the tough spot and you hardly notice that they were there.

Make sink wet with water then pour again the soap on certain spots. Rub it gently using brush. You might need smaller brush to reach this tough spot. Wide brush is good for general cleaning, but not for specific spot.

The rest of procedure is similar. You can let sink dry naturally or using towel. Check again one or twice to make sure everything is clean.Rock Doctor Natural Granite Cleaner, 24 Ounce

Second method is to clean the stain that can be brushed normally. You can try special paste and apply it directly on that stain. It is like toothpaste and has ability to absorb the stain.

To apply this thing in cleaning granite sinks, its surface should be completely in dry condition. Use plastic to cover the stain by paste then take it away slowly.

Use water to throw away the residue of stain and paste. Make sure everything is gone and check it again twice. The last procedure is using towel to keep the granite clean.ELKAY LKEG250 Quartz Classic Rejuvenator, 8 oz

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