Composite Granite Sinks Offers Scratch Resistant and Extraordinary Durability

Kraus KGU-413B 31 inch Undermount Single Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen SinkAre you looking for inspiration to replace your old sink? Composite granite sinks would be a good choice. When considering granite material, in fact, each piece of it is a work of art. Talking about granite composition, its qualified material is so popular because it is stain and scratch resistant. It looks tough and beautiful as it is natural matte stone.

Made of 80% granite combined by 20% acrylic resin, it creates the combination of such tough and durable kitchen material. Dark hues can generally be found on composite sink, but you could order in matte array colors as well.

Composite granite is non-porous and virtually no maintenance costs. So, this sink is a composite material, most partly by granite that made it tough and stain resistant.  It can last for 20-30 years. Most people reviewed it as the most durable composite sink material on the market.ALFI brand AB3020UM-W Undercount Single Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink, 30", WhiteOther benefit of heavy and solid composite granite sinks come in colors. Granite has simple or high fashioned accent as you want. There are so many patterns, colors and mineral inclusions available which can be found to complete the unique look of your home.

Granite sink are lighter than porcelain, which allowing you to under-mount it. Granite composite can keep the water temperature much longer and also much quieter. There is no the hollow-sounding banging around of pots and pans.

Granite composite undermount sinks are tough material, but Eco-friendly. It is also resistant to chips, stains, scratches and even household acids. In addition, you should not worry about it getting dull because the color will stand out forever and it can stand to high heat exposition. With up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistant, it can accommodate your hot pots and pans.Kraus KGD-410B 24 2/5 inch Dual Mount Single Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen SinkGranite sinks are easy to clean. The frequent and regular cleanings are the best way to maintain this stuff. Simply all you need are sponge and clean towel to give a general wipe down.

If you need to use a cleaner, then you better use granite cleaner. Avoid using anything that acidic, abrasive, corrosive or two strong detergents. If there is stain or scratch that you can’t get rid of, you are better to call the professional. Specialized cleaning product is generally being offered by companies along with the buying package, so you won’t find any difficulties to keep your composite granite sinks in great condition.Blanco 440194 Single 9-1/2” Bowl Depth Undermount, Anthracite

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