Chic Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Mantel

Glitzhome Medium Chevron Plush Burlap Pumpkin DecorFor most of us, decorating a fireplace mantel may be a big and challenging task. However, if you have the decorating ideas for fireplace mantel, it can be a fun activity and of course, your fireplace mantle can be a beautiful focal point as a result. The following are some ideas to make your fireplace your piece of art.

Paint it back might bring a new fun atmosphere. Painting the surfaces around the mantel piece, the mantel itself and fireplace breast with shading that contrast from the woodwork, especially if the woodwork is white. It is a great approach to convey the interest and profundity to your room.

If your mantel is of traditional colonial detail, you may make color change on it as decorating ideas for fireplace mantel. You may change it a little heavy. One candlestick sat on each end of your mantel is boring, so please avoid placing similar items side by side at each ends of your fireplace mantel.Metal Ornament Stand Smooth Silver Chrome - 9 Inch High - Set of 12As an alternative, count on bunch of objects to balance each another. If you want to have a casual atmosphere, you may get your hand at your cherished photographs. Overlapped and propped photographs will give a casual and tasty touch than hanged photographs. This arrangement is also help to bring together the vignettes on each mantel’s ends.

You may want a custom fireplace mantel. That is great. Nowadays, the pieces are gradually blended into category of decorative arts, sculpture and architecture. Not just as practical pieces, it becomes one of your priced one. For that reason, these decorating ideas for fireplace mantel, though genuinely a veneer mantel, may add decorative and sculptural form to an architectural element of your room.

One simple tips of getting profundity or depth out of your fireplace mantel is by putting some birch logs inside its fireplace opening. The logs are not for burning fire, they are there just for the sake of aesthetic atmosphere. However, they also may bring the warm and snugness of a cottage you might always yearn.Mantel Decoration Fireplace Decor Hand Painted Decorative Free Standing Amaryllis PlantMantel Decoration Fireplace Decor Hand Painted Decorative Free Standing RabbitNext, you may need to dress up your mantel. You may have a tasteful mirror hanging above your fireplace mantel. If it is the case, a simple candle may be all you want to get ready your room for a party or dinner. If you do not have idle hands, then you can have your fireplace mantel as your spot to rotate your aesthetic elements.

If you have an old school mind who always love the warm feeling of long gone era, then you may replicate it as your modern mantel decor ideas. What are in your mind? May be a limestone mantel, a Herringbone firebox and all the old beauties accompanied them. It is great. You may replicate the style with a faux mantel. Just make sure, when you purchase faux mantels, please validate how your firebox will align.

Lastly, if you want to have tasteful fireplace mantel, you may sort out areas of your mantel. As for example, you may place the television and fireplace are on certain places.  Meanwhile, you may put the decorative objects and shelves on other places for balancing. Now that you have known some simple decorating ideas for fireplace mantel, you may want to begin your project.72 Inch (6 Foot) Flocked Snow-Covered Twig and Mini Pinecone Garland Holiday DecorLighted Angel Figurine FAITH HOPE LOVE - Frosted Glass LED Color Changing Praying Angel Statue Holding Red Heart

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