Attractive and Interesting Decorative Wall Shelves Ideas

Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Shelves, Espresso FinishWall shelves are similar to floating shelves. It is the furniture mounted or bind on wall with screw. This kind of furniture becomes popular for small room and easy to apply. In these shelves, you can put many things such as books, cup, paper, trophy, photograph, etc.

Several decorative wall shelves ideas will give you insight to get more just plain design on the wall. Common floating shelves are the plain board from certain material. It is like plywood in tiny pieces.

Some designers see decorative wall shelves are potential to further improvement. New idea comes to be implemented in the real life. Nowadays, you can find plenty of designs, shapes, and sizes in this furniture.

One of unique shapes in floating wall shelves decorating ideas is corner-mounted shelf. As you know, corner is very tight space and it hardly gets the proper furniture. In fact, four corners in one room are always empty.

Designers try to make corner to be more functional with mounted shelves or decorative wall furniture. Basic design takes the floating shelves but modify it for corner. Flat and rectangular board is changed into a quarter of circle.Shelving Solution Intersecting Decorative Espresso Color Wall Shelf Set of 4, 2 Candles IncludedShelves connect one side on the wall to another. Besides a quarter of circle, you can simply place mere floating shelves. However, this method is lack of aesthetic side.

Another idea is the square design for decorative wall shelves ideas. In regular floating shelves, you only place one layer of board. In this idea, the shelf is in square shape. Moreover, the board can be found on top, below, right, and left side.

You can put stuff inside shelf or on the top. Advanced mode of this stuff is overlapping shelves. Two big squares are connected on certain corner. One corner passes through each other to create the small square.

This design looks very attractive for the wall. Besides functionality, the decorative wall improves room appearance with unique and elegant design. The color should be neutral such as white, dark brown, or black.Melannco Wall Shelves, White (Set of 4)For decorative wall shelves ideas with square type, MELANNCO offers good product. It consists of two or three square shapes. Each of them has different size and they can be placed together or separately.

Manufacturer gives customer the chance to express their idea for floating wall. There is no definite application from this product. Configuration is solely customer’s right and something new might be come.

The color is dark or black to match with any room theme or decoration. For white wall, the dark accent is much recommended. This product is available on local store or online marketplace.Danya B. Intersecting Boxes Espresso Color Wall ShelfFor mounted corner shelves, you can try product from Danya B. It is quite large shelves on corner and the shape is quarter circle. The color is dark brown and it consists of five layers.

First layer binds on one side of corner and the second layer on opposite part. After that, the next layer will follow the same pattern. This furniture is suitable to enhance corner function and get more space to place anything.

As part of decorative wall shelves ideas, corner mode of floating shelves becomes the promising product in the future. You can use this furniture and bind it on three to four corners. Moreover, the room will have more spaces and save the space for unnecessary furniture.Set of 2 Espresso Color "S" Wall Mount Shelves

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