Floor Standing Mirror as Room Decoration

Mixcept Floor Standing Bedroom Mirrored Cabinet Jewelry Box Cabinet With Mirror Organizer ,BlackMirror is one of important part in home decoration. People use it for not only basic function but also aesthetic side. Floor standing mirror might be good choice to increase room layout. Standard mirror is blend on wall or wardrobe. You cannot move it easily because it is glued permanently. If you want to put aside this mirror, you need effort and take time.

On contrary, standing mirror is standalone household. It stuck in wood leg or tire frame. It has large shape. You should put it in certain room. Small bedroom is not recommended for this household. Therefore, using floor mirror will make your home amazing and elegant.

There are several shapes in big and long mirror. One of unique shape is oval. It is like circle but more length on vertical side. You can use full length floor mirror with oval appearance on bedroom. This kind of mirror can be placed on many rooms. Beside bedroom, this mirror is good for decoration in hall.Coaster 900453 Transitional Mirror, CappuccinoCrown Mark Cheval Mirror, Brown

You can buy antique frame to match with this mirror. It spreads elegant and luxury atmosphere. You might think about classic and old palace with magic room on corner. That situation can be provided with classic carved frame. Oval mirror should long and touch floor. You add flower with vase beside this mirror.

Another elegant shape is long rectangle. Without frame, this shape is similar with standard mirror. However, standing one can attach and detach, as you want. This kind of mirror is fitted for decoration. People tend to use it as furniture in special event. You will find it is costume party because floor standing mirror has antique appearance.

If you want to put on bedroom, this mirror should change into a little smaller. Big and wide ruin overall room setting. Generally, people only need half body size mirror to reflect their full body. Standing mirror is not effective for this purpose. You should let some distance between mirror and floor.

The next one is double side mirror. It is similar in double mirror on wardrobe. You can get infinite reflection because two mirrors face each other. This kind of mirror can be found in amusing park. Although you rarely find in regular house, there is possibility to put on private bedroom.

With retractable leg, you can open one side and put together on opposite side. Two mirrors create certain angle and you stand between them. Furthermore, floor standing mirror is preferable household to increase room decoration.Cheval Thin Profile Floor Standing Mirror in Silver | 59.5-Inch x 19-InchKings Brand White Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

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