Metal Bunk Beds Twin Over Twin for Optimum Utilization of Bedroom

Using metal bunk beds twin over twin at home might be rare, unless you are parent with twin children. However, you can try different way to decorate kids’ room. Putting together two beds on single furniture is not just saving space and money.

This kind of bed is easily found at dormitory where more than two children or people live at one room. It takes less space and very effective to form strong bounding. Before buying this thing, you have to conduct some information.

Material is the essential part for bunk bed, particularly twin over twin model. Wood and metal are common material on store with its advantage and disadvantage. Moreover, wood is strong but too rigid and not flexible to use.Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed, BlackMany products are retractable mode that too easy for assembling, even for wooden. However, it is different from metal which is more flexible at practical situation.

You cannot move bunk bed as you want because wooden furniture is suitable for room that rarely change in decoration and arrangement. The only way is by utilizing the metal bunk beds twin over twin.

The design is simple and it can handle high force from human body when they sleep on top the bed. You can tear this bed into small pieces then put it back together at intended space. Manufacturer provides guideline to do such thing.

DHP is leading manufacturer and seller in metal twin loft bed. The product consists of several parts such as two mattresses, metal frame and perimeter, and ladder to reach top side.

Seller claims this product can handle 200lbs of weight for the top and 225lbs at bottom part. It is very important because customers expect to use for not only children, but also adult as well. This number shows the capability of product.

However, this kind of bed has the risk, especially on top side. People may fall during sleep if there is no secure perimeter around the mattress. Fortunately, the strong metal will keep you at mattress every time and prevent the unexpected accident while sleeping.In addition, the ladder helps you to climb to the top easily. This is a part of safety system for this furniture. Therefore, this product is much recommended for you.

Another good product comes from Walker Edison. The design is simple and modern but still put the safety on top priority. It is assembly mode and manufacturer provides necessary tools on the purchasing package.

As one of top products in metal bunk beds twin over twin, this bed is suitable for children and adult. Furthermore, the mattress is sold separately and you can use it up to 9 inches of thickness.

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