Metal Twin Bunk Beds as Main Furniture in Bedroom

Mainstays Twin over Twin Convertible Bunk Bed (Silver)Bunk beds consist of two layers of bed frames, which one is on top and the rest is on below part. Metal twin bunk beds can be found in kid room because it is easy to assembly and very practical. Parent use this bed when having two kids with age gap no more than three years.

Modern bunk beds have many variations in design and function. This kind of bed is no longer exclusively for sleep at night, but become core furniture in bedroom. You can find bunk beds with several attached parts such as drawer, cabinet, storage, and table.

Before pick and buy this product, you might consider some matters as preference. Next section will provide tips to help you finding the right bunk beds and fulfill what you really need the most.Sturdy Metal Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed in Black FinishMaterial becomes the most crucial thing when buying bunk beds. As you know, metal bunk beds are metal-based furniture, so it can handle much pressure. Having the strong metal, this material will increase safety measures.

The advantage of metal is easy to assembly and longevity. With proper maintenance, metal will last long compared to wooden based beds. Children who sleep on bunk beds will grow up and still having good bed to give for next generation.

The next tip is the stair part. You can pick fully horizontal type that bind into bed-frame or removable stair. Both of them have pros and cons. For horizontal stair, it takes effort to climb and a little bit imbalances when you do such thing.WE Furniture Premium Twin Metal Loft Bed, MintOn contrary, detachable or removable stair is more flexible to adjust with metal twin bunk beds height. You can pull out this stair into certain elevation degree then climb to the top of bed. This mode is suitable for children.

Nowadays, bunk bed is not only a bed for sleep, but you can also buy any design with many additional parts. However, keep in mind that functionality should come at first place. Drawer or shelf on bunk bed might be attractive, but it is not main reason people use bunk bed.

On market, you can find several metal twin bunk beds with their own characteristic and specification. You might be a little bit confused, especially for the first time buyer. As long as you buy what you need the most, everything will be fine.

DHP Twin Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed, WhiteOne of top product on market comes from DHP. It has three colors to give more choices for customer. You can pick black, silver, or white. The design is simple and the stair does not lock on frame.

There is certain angle between top stair and below to give balance. It is suitable for people who like the functionality. Manufacturer gives assembly instruction on purchasing package. Tool for such procedure is also already available, so customers just need to read manual book then start assembling.

Another product on top list is Walker Edison. As part of metal twin bunk beds, this furniture has high metal perimeter on top part. It is suitable for children as it is very safe. Moreover, the design is simple yet elegant.Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed, White

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