Monarch’s Under Couch Side Table

Monarch Specialties I 3240 Oval/Chrome/Frosted Tempered Glass Accent TableIf you are often to eat and study at your living room, but your arms get easily tired when holding the plate or books, then why don’t you buy the under couch side table? This furniture could be really helpful to make you more comfortable there.

This side table is made to complete your couch or sofa in living room. You can choose the product from Monarch. It is made out of metal. Its metal frame has a linear shape and polished by chrome that lends contemporary flair.

The top of the table is made out of wood veneers and it comes as for you who love the high-gloss finish. This Monarch’s adjustable slide under sofa table is also designed in unique L-shape that can be slide beneath your couch.

Moreover, the model is very modern. It comes with many varieties of colors, so this table could match your couch perfectly. There are many different models that you could choose according to your taste. This furniture has weight at least 13 pound and the size is not that big.Monarch Specialties Chrome Metal and White Accent Side TableSo basically, anyone can move this table without using too much strength. If you are not using the table, you could put it next to the couch or anywhere as it does not take a lot of space. In addition, you could also use under couch side table for something else.

To decorate it, put any ornament or snacks on this table. In addition, this Monarch’s product has its own drawer. This smart drawer provides the perfect hiding spot for remote controls, pens, and many more. But the drawer is not very big, so there is a limitation of things you can put inside the drawer.

Although the table’s legs are made of metal, it is better if you do not overweight the table. Therefore, it will not easily bend or break. Since it is metal, you should treat it carefully, so it won’t get rusty. If you table get dirty because of dust or food, then you could just spray some water and wipe it using a clean napkin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own Monarch’s under couch side table now. Remember when selecting the best one, do not ever ignore the quality and price. You can make some comparisons to choose the right product.Monarch Specialties Chrome Metal and Cappuccino Hollow Core Accent Side Table

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