SimpleHuman Wall Mount Sensor Mirror Review

simplehuman 8 inch Wall Mount Sensor Mirror, Lighted Makeup Mirror, Hard-Wired, 5x MagnifyingVanity mirror with light is common furniture that you can found in almost all homes. SimpleHuman wall mount sensor mirror is an innovative mirror that you can mount on the wall of your bathroom or dressing room. It now comes innovatively with sensor that is going to help you see your face without having to turn on the switch.

These days, people care about their appearance in order to have a great impression when they meet new people or just in a daily basis. This phenomenon is not only something that women always do, but also happens to most men as well. Besides women, men are also interested in increasing their appearance by wearing nice clothes and putting some additional accessories.

If you happen to be one of the people who care about your appearance before go out for work or hang out with friends, you might want to consider using this hard wired wall mounted makeup mirror. As the needs of having nice appearance increasing, the popularity of vanity mirror with lightning is also increasing as well. You can purchase this light sensor mirror at major online store.simplehuman 8 inch Wall Mount Sensor Mirror, Lighted Makeup Mirror, Rechargeable 5x MagnificationCompared to other ordinary vanity mirror with light, SimpleHuman wall mount sensor mirror has unique design. The circular mirror reflects your face clearly with telescopic swing arms that can be adjusted according to your need. Besides the extendable telescopic swing arm, you can also adjust the tilt of the mirror to achieve the best view of your face.

The best innovation that you can found in this vanity mirror is the responsive sensor. When you approach the vanity mirror, it automatically turns on the light so you can see your face better. As soon as you finish doing make up and leave the mirror, the light turns off immediately to conserve the energy usage.

In addition to the innovative responsive sensor, the product is also using 600 lux LED that is also used for surgery equipment. The ultra-bright LED is capable of stimulates the sunlight naturally when you use the mirror. The LED bulb on SimpleHuman wall mount sensor mirror never burns out, so it lasts longer compared to ordinary light bulbs.simplehuman 8 Inch Sensor Mirror, Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, 5x MagnificationIn order to ensure you about the durability of this product, SimpleHuman is going to give you guaranty for five years. Moreover, the dimension of this product is relatively compact, so that you can fit it in almost any part of your bathroom. The size of this unique vanity mirror is 3.1 x 13.8 x 9.1 inch.

The design of this product is futuristic so that it is suitable for those of you who installed it in modern bathroom interior. Although it is using LED as the source of the light, this amazing mirror does not require any cable that potentially dangling around and obstruct the view. Since the light switch on and off using sensor, you will not found any button on the vanity mirror.

The SimpleHuman wall mount sensor mirror is not only using sensor technology but also rechargeable LED. This innovation comes with charge cable in the package when you order it. The electricity of the vanity mirror lasts for over five weeks before you need to charge the ultra-bright LED again.

You might be wondering why having light around the vanity mirror become a big deal, especially when all you want is just to see how your face looks like. The LED on SimpleHuman wall mount sensor mirror is able to concentrate on your face, so that you can see your face clearly. Since you are able to know how you look like, you are able to groom yourself in order to get the best appearance.simplehuman 8 inch Wall Mount Sensor Mirror, Lighted Makeup Mirror, Rechargeable 5x Magnification

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