Solid Oak Dining Table for Functionality and Artistic Side

East West Furniture CAT-OAK-H Rectangular Counter Height Dining Table with Solid Wood Top, 36-Inch by 60-InchIn room decoration, dining table plays major role to emphasize dining room. As you know, this room is a place for having meal or dinner with family or friends. Moreover, it can be transformed into party room to celebrate special moment.

Certain furniture to improve decoration is solid oak dining table. This stuff is like everlasting furniture. The design is varying, but solid oak is strong material for long period usability. From simple to more advanced design, this kind of table always attracts more customers.

You might be curious about this table and why people like to buy it. The main reason is already mentioned above. Solid oak is strong, so it has high durability and longevity.

For solid oak dining table, you do not have to worry when people accidentally press the fork on table. No mark will be created and the table stays as usual. It is one of benefits from oak and hardwood for furniture.

Second reason is the design. Furniture, especially dining table, is not fast moving product and it is different from clothes or fashion. The furniture you bought last year can still suit the trend today. One year is not enough to bring down furniture mode and trend.Artefama Furniture Tower 79" Dining Table - Old White Base, Oak Top and Off White BaseMoreover, solid wood dining table is industrial product. This table is not from plastic or steel that can be produced using machinery. To crate dining table form oak, producer needs skillful carpenter from beginning until it is ready to send to customer’s house.

Even though the design is simple, the production requires handwork to get the best result. It can be said that people like this table because it is original and quite rare.

Since this work is half or full handmade, customer can inquiry for customization. Carpenters and workers are capable to fulfill your request. The work depends on design and material availability.

Its complicated design takes time to be finished. You are able to ask the shop with qualified workers. They understand to transform draft and design into real product.

Boraam produces solid oak dining table with assembly style. Customer will get the parts of table in sixty boxes. To assist assembly process, manufacturer provides the tools and guideline.

The weight is seventy pounds. Four stands are placed on each corner of this table to keep the stability. The advantage of assembly is that it is lightweight for shipping. Based on official data, manufacturer stated this product has weight for about 70 pound.

The design is classic and suitable for most dining room theme. Light brown accent increases the aesthetic side of table.Boraam 70136 Shaker Table, OakIf you like round shape, Furniture of America offers impressive product. The design of table is classic round with light brown as color. You can add chair in the same style, but it is sold separately.

Besides top section, the pedestal of this product is unique. It is still able to hold the weight from above and maintain its stability. You cannot find this design in others.Furniture of America Castile Transitional Round Dining Table, Dark OakIf you like classic solid oak dining table, Winsome has good product in this area. The manufacturer has been on the wood furniture since long time ago and every product is high quality.

In addition, the color is similar to previous product. The tabletop is shorter and it looks like perfect square design. Four stands are available to keep its stability.Winsome Wood Groveland Square Dining Table with Shaker legs, Light Oak Finish

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