Decorating Large Wall with 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art

Phoenix Decor-Abstract Canvas Wall Art Paintings on Canvas for Wall Decoration Modern Painting Wall Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang 3 Piece Canvas ArtDecorating large wall is difficult task since you need to make blank wall looks interesting without making it looks more crowded and obstruct the general theme of the room interior design. A 3 piece canvas wall art is a good idea to make the wall of particular rooms looks better.

Since living room in most houses is the biggest room, this piece of art is highly recommended by interior designer. In order to decorate large living room wall or any wall with large empty space, you need to imagine it as blank paper that you need to fill.

Therefore, it will be totally amazing. Some homeowners make a mistake by hanging a piece of big painting to cover most section of the wall. For most cases, this solution is not working properly since you will make the painting dominating the wall.General World Map Black Background Wall Art Painting Pictures Print On Canvas Art The Picture For Home Modern DecorationOne of the most important advantages of 3-piece canvas wall art is the painting that has ability to make a large wall without making it dominating the room. As you might already notice, the design of such wall decoration consists of three parts with related image on it. For example, you can use a painting of large object that is separated into three different canvases.

Despite the fact that it consists of three different parts, it is able to create an illusion of single object without making it dominates the wall. Dominating a wall by a single canvas art is not recommended since it will overwhelm the wall.

However, before selecting the proper canvas wall art that consist of three different painting, you need to keep in mind about several aspects. The first aspect of decorating a wall with 3 piece canvas wall art is the placement.Amoy Art -The Black White Sea Sunset Canvas Wall Art Landscape Canvas Prints for Home Decorations Ready to Hang Set of 3 Panels (12x16inx3)You need to take into your consideration whether you need to put gap between the paintings or not depending on the painting image. If it does need gap in the placement, then you might need to place it with proper space between them, so it looks perfect.

After that, observe each painting closely to identify which part is containing the main image as vocal point to the design. The part containing main image do not have to be the center part. It can be one in the side depending on what image it is all about exactly.

The best thing to mention about 3 piece canvas wall art is that it does not need to be in the same size and orientation. Some canvas wall art is designed with different shapes, size, and orientation so that it can fill the empty space on a large wall.ARTLAND Modern 100% Hand Painted Flower Oil Painting on Canvas "Orange Plum Blossom" 3-Piece Gallery-Wrapped Framed Wall Art Ready to Hang for Living Room for Wall Decor Home Decoration 24x48inches

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