Antique Dresser with Mirror – Relive the Legendary

Poundex Bobkona St. Croix 3 Fold Mirror Vantiy Table with Stool Set in SilverThe beautiful and classy antique dresser has been around for hundreds of years, and the spark of its appeal is still shining. Many people love antique dresser with mirror, and the market itself is not limited for the collectors only. The essence of this legendary house ware will decorate your whole room in fashion and classiness.

As the legendary furniture, antique dresser has been around since the 18th century, under the name ‘lowboy.’ This lowboy was known as a small table with only two rows of drawers, in contrast with the ‘tallboy’. Lowboy itself was well-known around the United State and England and mainly used as a dresser, and this was later remarked as the birth of dressing table.NE Kids Kensington 7 Drawer Dresser with Mirror in Antique White

Over the time, his dressing table was then installed with a mirror in order to add more convenience. Although it was known as ‘toilet table’, this form of dresser was in fact the birth of antique chest of drawers with mirror. As the era continued to the 20th century, many changes of forms and styles have changed the old shape of lowboy, but retained the same principal and functions.

More and more innovations have turned the antique dresser into the legendary furniture for your house. As more manufacturers began to use hardwood for the antique bedroom dresser, the modern style began to find its way to the classic antique dresser. This can be seen in form of a dresser with a single drawer in the middle part and a few rows of drawers on the side.American Woodcrafters Heirloom Black Dresser and Mirror Combo, Antique White

What makes an antique dresser with mirror valuable and legendary? For one, it is now a pure collectable item. This is fully supported by the wonderful and mysterious aura surrounding it.

Wooden furniture can surprisingly last for over a hundred years, and the same case can happen to the wooden antique dresser as well. By standards, the minimal age of wooden antique dresser in order to be considered as antique is about 100 years. The material itself is wonderful, because the dresser can be made not only of wood, but also many other luxury materials such as gold, brass, and the other kinds of metal.Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Antique Oak Finish Wood 6 Drawers Dresser & Mirror

The design won’t disappoint you as well, because this dresser is also all about the style. One of the legendary types of the dresser is the Queen Anne dresser, with daring curves, carvings that are scallop, and eccentric glass frame. Made of oak, maple, and mahogany, Queen Anne dresser is fitted with an oval mirror on the surface.

However, buying the right dresser might pose a real problem to you. Because many dressers are not genuine, those dressers will break easily and reveal little to no sense of fashion and classiness. This is why knowing the condition, age, style, and material of your chosen dresser is very important.

Even among the newer generation, an antique dresser with mirror is still a treasure worth keeping. If you plan to get one for your room, it’s best to start the searching right now.Design Toscano The Queen Anne Dressing Table and Mirror

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