Backsplash Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Designing a kitchen is a challenging activity to do. There are many special space that where intricate design can be created and one of them is backsplash. The kitchen backsplash is one of kitchen areas that can be a focal point of the whole design. It can add a burst of color or complex design to the kitchen. The key of backsplash design is actually the harmony of the color scheme, features, and the overall theme or style of the entire space. There are some ideas of stylish kitchen backsplash that you can apply. Pick the design that you think can work well with your kitchen. Every design offers particular look as explained below.

Checkered Backsplash Design

The most common backsplash model is checkered design. People like the idea of combining two colors to show shades. This idea can be put in a checkered frame. The checkered chic kitchen backsplashes is aimed to highlight the shade of the same tone. For example, a kitchen decorated with white and black pieces will appear more uniform with a checkered backsplash at the back of the stove-top. Intensely decorated kitchens in shades of burgundy and turquoise will look better from a backsplash set between the counters and cabinets with a checkered, two-shade border. For illustration, a border featuring sapphire and navy tiles against white or gray tiles will blend the calm color tone simultaneously.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Another nice idea of litchen with backsplash design is marble design. Marble comes with many kinds of colors and textures. Each color and texture brings its own character to the kitchen. Black marble is the one that is often used for the tile backsplash ideas. It can go well with almost any shades of hue. Marble backsplash offers a monochromatic theme that adds everlasting sophistication to a kitchen. The presence of marble is also able to make art paintings look more authentic.

Mosaic Backsplash Kitchen Design

Mosaic kitchen backsplash model can be a good idea, too. It personalizes the kitchen, in spite of your color tone. For example, if affectionate colors such as yellow, orange, and red are built-in in the kitchen decoration, pick a mosaic backsplash design that features lemons, apples, and oranges behind the stove. New texture can be created by combining for shades of the same hue such as wheat, cocoa, chocolate, and oat shades for a monochromatic kitchen. The backsplash can be set both along the cabinet and behind the stove to bring the shades to light.

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