Storing Anything in Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, WhiteIf you need drawer to store children clothes and linen, Delta children universal 6 drawer dresser has to be on the top list. This product has elegant design with dark color that called espresso cherry. From appearance, you can judge the quality of this item.

The function of drawer is much based and size is smaller than filling cabinet. You can call that drawer is additional space to store small but valuable item that can be retrieved any time only by sliding it. The knob of this furniture supports pull and push action to open and close it perfectly.

Delta children universal 6 drawer dresser comes from renowned manufacturer that has been on business for long time. The product consists of six spacious drawers with two columns and three rows. Each of drawers have special knob that easy to pull and push again after finish storing.Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Espresso CherryManufacturer puts metal gliding system to let customer use easily then put safety stops to avoid collapsing from mainframe. This product intends for children so safety is at top priority. Another preventive feature is delicate surface with easy to clean from dust or dirt.

You can choose many color selection because manufacturer offers up 7 color selection to match your room theme. You can buy any drawer with attractive ornament or pattern, but you just use for storing stuff. With no attractive design, children will not be interested on drawers that keep the unwanted action such as tearing apart linen.

Delta children universal 6 drawer dresser is made from wood material with clean and safe component. This product has through strict quality control from safety regulation, so you do not have to worry about the bad effects. Moreover, it is free from toxic or any harmful object.Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, CabernetManufacturer produces this item with assembly instruction. Customer can follow step by step clearly then start to put all of parts one by one. This process does not take too much time and special tools.

There are several advantages of this product that attract many customers to buy then put on children room. Actually, this drawer is not only for children but also adult, but size might not fit at all. Children room is full of objects and this drawer will be good place to store another thing beside linen.

Main advantage is simple design to keep away children from harmful action. As you know, anything with attractive design can increase children curiosity then this drawer might be next target. You do not have to worry about that matter because Delta 6 drawer dresser grey is off radar.

It has been mentioned above that the material is safe from toxic. Children are very sensitive about external object such as bacteria, chemical compound, or any dust mark. You cannot ignore this aspect, so using this drawer is one of the best options.

In addition, the price is very reasonable and affordable. You can compare Delta children universal 6 drawer dresser with another similar product then the result will be this product in favor. Furthermore, six drawers are enough to fulfill your needs.Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Black

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