Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed for Home Garden

Gronomics REGB 24-48 24-Inch by 48-Inch by 30-Inch Rustic Elevated Garden Bed, UnfinishedElevated garden bed is used to grow plants like flowers and vegetables in small pots. It will help in preventing the soil compaction, keeping pathway weed, as well as providing better drainage. For those who love planting, deciding to use Gronomics rustic elevated garden bed is the best choice to pick because this product from Gronomics will keep the garden soil from being eroded when it is raining.

You can plant in the early of the season since the soil will be in the better condition. The elevated garden bed is able to reduce the strain by raising the level of the soil. It is the best choice to be used in small patios or anywhere the gardeners want to grow their beautiful flowers and vegetables.Gronomics REGB 24-48 24-Inch by 48-Inch by 30-Inch Rustic Elevated Garden Bed, UnfinishedGronomics rustic elevated garden bed is made from good quality red cedar. With the more age, its rough sawn look will get nicer. It can move easily from one to another place you like.

This product equipped with large bed which has the suitable height can accommodate the great quantities as well as makes you comfortable to grow a lot kind of plants. It is excellent to be used in home vegetable garden.Gronomics planter box will minimize the discomforts of bending down and prevent the damage caused by pests. The red cedar used for this garden bed is resistant to insect and rot naturally. This product which is manufactured by United States of America requires simple tool that can be assembled easily.Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden BedWhen the water is draining, its filter fabric will keep the soil. It is the best chance to provide this rustic elevated garden bed in your house. You will have fun time in growing savory herbs or flowers.

The garden bed will make your green garden looks more manageable. The bottom part of the bed is custom cut piece of landscape fabric. Elevated garden bed is not only able to eliminate the mobility issues, but also available with instruction to assemble tool which easy to follow to help you set up this planter.

The leg of this beautiful rustic which seems very solid and sturdy is equipped with decorative caps on the top part. You can own Gronomics rustic elevated garden bed that costs relatively cheap. This product which can keep the moisture well is the ideal choice to grow the green plants in your house with your family.Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed, 18 by 34 by 32"

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