Prepac Elite Collection 32-Inch Storage Cabinet for Organized Bedroom

Elite 32" Storage CabinetThe bedroom will be filled with a lot of clutter if you do not have any storage cabinet. Even though you have a small space, a compact one is needed. Prepac elite collection 32-inch storage cabinet is one of the best storage cabinets in the market.

Get this piece to reduce the clutter and keep all things organized in the bedroom. This product is manufactured by Prepac with the size at 32 inches. It is big enough to hold various personal items in the bedroom.

Actually this product is not only appropriate for the bedroom, but also for the office, garage, utility room, and kitchen and laundry room.

Prepac wall cabinet is sold around you. You can get the cheaper price if the online stores give you great discount. It is worthy enough because the storage cabinet is made of laminate composite wood.

It is available in white color which can build the sleek, modern and clean feeling in the room. The doors are made of white melamine. It features 1 fixed shelf and 2 adjustable shelves. This storage cabinet is very safe to use for the edge corners are soft. Moreover, the doors feature the metal handles and six way hinges. Thus, it is easier for you to open and close the doors.Elite 32" Storage CabinetIf you purchase the product in the market, it can be assembled upon the delivery. If you are interested to expand the capacity of this cabinet, you can buy a matching topper unit. The dimension of Prepac elite collection 32-inch storage cabinet is 32 x 16 x 65 inches. The buyer will be offered with a five year limited warranty.

If you are still confused when you want this storage cabinet or not, you have to notice the pros and cons. The pros are related to the deep shelves, ready to assembly feature, solid wooden doors, adjustable shelves and warranty.

The cons are presented too. Some people feel that attaching the doors on the cabinet make them end up in deep misery. Moreover, there is no nail mark on the backboard which makes the people guess the place to apply the nails.

Despite the cons that you have to endure, this Prepac elite collection 32-inch storage cabinet is still a good choice for those who look for an attractive cabinet with European styled hinges, fabulous white finish and soft edges doors.Elite 32" Storage Cabinet

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