Toddler Bunk Beds with Stairs by Discovery World Furniture

Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers in White FinishSince toddlers love to play around on their bedroom, toddler bunk beds with stairs will turn into an exciting place to play. Bunk beds for toddler manufactured by Discovery World Furniture is not only incorporating stairs, but also equipped with plenty of features as well. The design used in the bunk bed is unique since it utilizes stairs instead of ladder as it goes with conventional design.

The reason why its manufacturer utilizing stairs instead of ladder is because stairs offer more safety compared to ladder. Stairs have steady steps that allows toddler to get steady step when accessing top beds or playing around in the bedroom. Moreover, the stairs incorporated on the design has additional feature that we will discuss in the following review.

Discovered World Furniture is a famous manufacturer that always considers both convenience and safety of its product. This furniture manufacturer also considers the application of its toddler bunk beds with stairs. Fortunately, the dimension of this product allows this product to be applied in small bedroom easily.Twin Over Full Loft Bed in Merlot FinishIn addition to its ideal dimension, the bunk beds for toddler manufactured by this company also use the best material. Wood material utilized as the bed frame is made of strong wood that is able to accommodate heavy weight capacity. Moreover, this solid wood construction creates contemporary impression with bulky design.

This product uses two beds in the same size that supported by slats. Unfortunately, the beds for these toddler bunk beds are not included in the package when you order it. Therefore, you need to purchase two twin-size beds for it separately.Merlot Twin Over Full Mission Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 DrawersThis product is available on three different color options including dark espresso and honey. The option provided by the company allows you to choose the color to make it match your toddlers’ bedroom interior color theme.

As mentioned before, the most important feature of this product is the usage of stairs for steady step instead of ladder. The stairs on toddler bunk beds with stairs manufactured by Discovered World Furniture is not only serves as easy access to the top bed, but also storage capacity. This unique design is definitely support both functional and practical use of the bunk beds.Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Merlot FinishUp to four storage units are added in the empty space under the stairs that you can use to store toddlers’ blankets, bed sheets, or even their clothes. Additional three storage units in form of drawer are also added under the bottom bed that can be used to store toddlers’ toys. Since you can replace wardrobe with those storage units, this product design is able to conserve space even more.

Guardrails on top bed are also provided as safety features to prevent toddler using top bed accidentally falling when he is sleeping. Stairs feature of the toddler bunk beds with stairs is located in the wide side of the bed that allows the toddler accessing top bed without having to disturb his siblings using bottom bed.Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

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