Beveled Glass Fireplace Screen – Extraordinary

Plow & Hearth Floral Small Fireplace Screen with Doors, Tempered Glass, Metal Mesh, Tubular Steel FrameOne of the best ingredients to build elegant room is beveled glass fireplace screen. It is might not be familiar with some people. This kind of household brings unique and classy atmosphere. You can put on old fireplace then ignite fire to enjoy it. Glass in this device keeps clear view from inside fireplace. Hinge door has two functions. Firstly, fire is a little bit dangerous without appropriate perimeter so hinge act as protective part. Secondly, it is part aesthetic side. For your reference, beveled glass is bound on hinge and you will see through it. It is like watching television but in fireplace.Large Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen With Alternating Panels And Small Powder-Coated Tubular Steel Frame, in Black

There are several models in this device. Every model has particular design and advantage. For moderate size living room, small beveled glass fireplace screen is good option. You can put directly into fireplace on wall or corner. If your room does not have permanent spot, you can install retractable fireplace. After it is done, you are able to put beveled glass. The result is unique setting. Glass in this device is like screen. When fire is ignited, you can see from outside position. It keeps smoke and ashes from spreading. Moreover, this device can be replaced easily.Beveled Glass Clear Folding Fireplace Screen

Big beveled glass on fireplace can be seen hall or convention room. It is purely for decoration purpose. If you want to install on home, room should be large enough to maintain overall room setting. Glass fireplace screen is good for special occasion. Party or special event will be livelier with this household. To attract more customers, manufacturer creates this thing with simple installation procedure. It is very helpful. You do not need expert. Big beveled glass uses similar hinge and doors. You can see it as gate through fireplace. It is sturdy and firm. You do not have to worry for durability. Steel makes this thing strong to hold glass and fire. To get beautiful view, you should see it in dark condition.Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen With Powder-Coated Tubular Steel Frame and Tool Set, in Black

Both of previous models have one door. There is two-door model as another option. You can enjoy flame on your room with gleam lighting. It has winding glass to control heat. When your room temperature is low, you open several glasses to release heat. It goes same when temperature is high. This kind of tool is good not only functionally but also aesthetic side. Beveled glass fireplace screen will make your room elegant while maintain temperature and beautiful view.Plow & Hearth Crest Large Flatguard Fireplace Screen Wrought Iron Heavy Duty Metal Mesh Decorative Scroll Work Black Powder Coat Finish Free Standing Spark Guard

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