Stikwood Reclaimed Weathered Wood for Your Wall

Epic Artifactory DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall - Easy Peel and Stick Application, 20 sq. ft.The stikwood reclaimed weathered wood comes in many shapes and colors. The plank shape of stikwood is the most used shape. The stikwood plank is versatile compared to any other shape of this certain wood that you can obtain in home improvement depot. Most people incorporate this versatile material for the interior decoration of their home.

This wood has distinctive color pattern that makes it special and favorable by many interior designers. Incorporating this material for your home is relatively easy. Wall is the most suitable part of the room where you can incorporate this decorating material. Creating a wall with stikwood material is going to give the room impressive vintage effects.Stikwood Reclaimed Pine Wall Decor, Sierra Silver/Dark Brown

Besides the wall, you can also use the stikwood reclaimed weathered wood as the material for ceiling. However, in this article, we are going to focus on how to incorporate this wooden material into the wall. Before you deciding how to put it, you need to decide which part of house you will use the wood. If you want to impress your guest, it might be better if you add the wooden material touch on the living room wall. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the beauty of it on your own, the bedroom is the room you need to put it.Stikwood Sample Set Wall Decor

After you decide the part of the house that will apply stikwood reclaimed weathered wood, you should choose the color for it. The colors of the stikwood planks are essential. Since you are going to achieve vintage effect of the room, you can go with gold, beige, brown, white, or gray. You can use more of those colors and mix them together in the wooden planks. All you need to do is remember that those colors should be balance. If you carelessly mix those colors together, you will not get the vintage effect on the room.Stikwood Reclaimed Barrel Oak Wall Decal, Wine/Purple/Brown, 20 SF

Applying the stikwood planks to the wall is relatively easy. Before you attach it to the wall, you need to measure the space you have. After that, you also have to measure how much the planks you need. Perfect measurement helps you to decide where to put a specific wooden plank with certain color to the wall. Designing overall implementation of stikwood reclaimed weathered wood is going to provide you the vintage effect you want it to have. Surely, it will give the different and sensational looks.East Coast Rustic DIY Brown 3.5" Sealed Reclaimed Wood Wall Covering 20 Square Feet - Do It Yourself Genuine Barn Wood

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