Brick Wall Tile Backsplash Design

Brick wall tile offers a classic good looks and elegance of a house. In fact brick offers more than just good looks. Brick puts long-lasting value forward. It can improve the resale cost of your house by as much as five percent. Brick is practically upholding free, resistant to rot, dimple, and termites. In addition, unlike the other material it doesn’t require to be tinted.

Brick also saves energy, keeping you warm in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer. In short, beveled edge brick ceramic wall tile gives you a blend of benefits which you could not find in other wall material. Most people prefer wood to brick as the material for their wall. But you know what? Brick is the world’s most gorgeous and most convenient homes are built with. Don’t you believe? Let’s see more explanation below about the benefits of decorative wall tiles for your homes.

Brick Wall Tile Materials

Since the cost of wall material often becomes the main consideration for most people when picking wall material, let’s start with the cost of thin brick wall. It is probably not a good for you as the costs is more than some other frequently used wall materials. However, the cost is worth the quality. Brick is a quality product, but it’s not merely as costly as you might think.

In some countries, a new brick slips will cost you not more than five percent of a similar vinyl-sided house. Other materials, such as synthetic stucco, come in the same cost, but they less sturdy and need much greater upholding and maintenance. You can have a durable, long lasting wall at only for about few dollars per square foot. For just about few dollars per square foot, you can have a sturdy, lasting brick wall. Thus a little bit higher price shouldn’t be a problem if quality is what you are looking for.

Wall Tile Coatings

As mention above, brick metro tile is nearly maintenance free. That is why brick wall tile is very popular all over the world. You will be comfortable living in a brick house because this material has extraordinary “thermal mass” material goods. Thermal mass is the capability of a deep, solid material to accumulate heat and then gradually let it go. For the house owners, this means that throughout the summer times your brick home keeps you feel cool all day long. Meanwhile in the winter, brick walls store heat of your home and give it out back to you. You will experience wonderful days in any seasons, then.

Nowadays, thin brick tile is available in huge variation of natural coatings such as limestone and sand. New outstanding colors are also produced due to the firing process, making the brick wall tile stylish for every home.

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