Brazilian Koa Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Are you familiar with Brazilian Koa hardwood flooring? Actually Brazilian Koa wood is very famous. This magnificent wood has a prosperous golden brown color with gloomy grain similar to tiger stripes. The origin of this wood is Brazil, in 1980 of Janka rating. It can be cleaned out if rubbed down in the wrong way and pin holes should be predrilled showing to daylight. It is because tiger wood might change color due to the sunshine exposure. Thus never set the tiger hardwood flooring in open space. This kind of wood can’t be considered as durable wood. Therefore many people tend to choose Brazilian koa prefinished solid hardwood flooring since this kind of wood is much more beneficial and of course more durable than the tiger wood.

Brazilian Koa is durable due to its resistance to sunlight, dents, scratches, and also roughhousing. That is why solid Brazilian Koa tigerwood flooring is a good choice of every house owner. Because of its golden-brown color, it can give a lovely, rustic as well as graceful atmosphere for your house. Brazilian Koa is also called courbaril, jatoba, or guapinol, but Caesalpiniaceae is its biological family name. This wood can grow up to more than 150 feet, with a six feet trunk diameter. It is a solid, tremendously firm and powerful wood with a medium-to-coarse surface. That is why Brazilian Koa flooring can be long-lasting.

Brazilian Koa Flooring Material

If you are interested to build exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring, where can you find the Brazilian Koa as the material? Mostly this striking wood can be found in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries and South and Central America. Brazilian Koa also grows well in Hawaii and even some Hawaiians claim that Koa is their native tree. Mostly found in America, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find this wood in other continents. Nowadays, Brazilian Koa flooring becomes more and more popular around the world. Many countries outside America import this wood in a huge scale to supply the consumers.

Brazilian Koa Hardwood Flooring Color

You can use Koa as flooring with its natural color. Commonly its color is reddish brown. Your Brazilian floor will look glowing with this color. Some Koa woods may appear in other colors such as brown under stones, orange, and burgundy. In case you already set flooring to your home but still want to try the quality of this wood, you can use Koa for tables, doors, cabinets, banisters, etc since this wood is not only good for Brazilian Koa hardwood flooring but also for furniture, athletic equipment, and music instrument.

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