Buyer Guide in Using Modern Fireplace Mantels

Modern Fireplace Mantel Shelf Shelf Length: 72" Length, Finish: Dark ChocolateFireplace is the second center attention of your home after the kitchen, say the experts. Moreover, adding a fireplace into your living room will give different feeling of the whole look. Consider these buyer guides before purchasing the modern fireplace mantels.

Characterized with minimalist appearance, contemporary fireplace mantels function as the frame or crown to beautify the fire place. Modern mantels are made of metal, wood, stone, or man-made materials. If you opt for mantel that withstands the heated condition, choose the metal or steel materials.

This material is usually used for electric fireplace, but it is still possible to work with non-electric fireplace. If you aim for a classic-modern style of fireplace mantels, experts suggest using oak rather than any other wood. You can also opt for Poplar to cut the budget since it is quite stable and paint friendly.Dogberry Collections m-line-6007-slvw-none Modern Mantel Shelf, Silverwood, 60"The anti-combustion material, the stone is the material that offers the maximum amount of longevity. Also, it is widely ranged. Meaning, you can choose the roughest or the smoothest stone there is.

If you want to cut the budget but still want to go for stone fireplace mantel, the man made material is your answer. Man-made material is made from a mixture of limestone, granite, quartz, silica sand, marble, and specific bonding agent.

Man-made material is extremely durable. It also has wide range of color such as blue, pink, or white and is a close replica of natural stones. Man-made is the most chosen material for modern fireplace mantels.

Be on alert in choosing a mantel for your living space! Choose an oversized mantel and your fireplace looks unbalance and the room will be collapsed. Choosing too tiny mantel will make the room looks cramped and clumsy,WELLAND 60" Espresso Fireplace Mantel Shelf with Crown Molding Lines(Picture Ledge)The best size of the mantel is the one that suits the fireplace perfectly. There are three keys to make sure you have the right size of the mantel.

First, measure the size of fireplace opening height. Start measuring from the base to the height. This will give clear idea about how high the mantel should be. Second, measure the size of fireplace opening width. Start measuring the width of the opening from end to end.

Third, measure the depth. Start measuring the distance of the outer materials such as bricks or any other non-combustible materials. That way, you won’t miss anything that can ruin your modern fireplace mantels.Pearl Mantels 420-48-15 The Savannah Shelf or Mantel Shelf, 48", Taos Finish

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